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Struggling to attract more customers to your eCommerce store and want to level up your selling game? Our product description writers will help you get noticed by customers and increase your online sales.

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Product Description Writing Features

Our expert product description writers have exclusively written numerous product copies for many small and large e-commerce stores and helped them generate more sales by providing precise and engaging product descriptions. Our product description writing service features are

Boost Your Online Sales with Effective and Persuasive Product Descriptions

If you have started your eCommerce store, you may not be familiar with many trends to promote your online products effectively. From using concise and compelling language to incorporating the right keywords in your Amazon product descriptions, you need to spend significant time to help your products get noticed by search engines and customers.

But worry not. You don’t have to put your efforts into all these because we’re here to help you with each step. Our product description writers will help you set up your products, categorize the listings, use keywords, and incorporate brevity to make your products shine among thousands of others.

Our Product Description Writers Increase Online Visibility of Your Products

To increase the online visibility of your products and services, it’s crucial to focus on the benefits of your products more than describing their features. Your customers will find ‘smooth and sturdy grip’ more beneficial as compared to ‘4.25” barrel dimension.’ The aim should be to focus on how your customers will benefit from your products rather than explaining their features which will only make them scroll down to the next product.
Our product description ghostwriters have years of industry experience dealing with online vendors and eCommerce businesses. We have helped them create compelling, SEO-optimized, concise, and user-friendly product descriptions that have generated greater visibility, attracted thousands of online customers to their products, and massively increased their sales and revenue.

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Frequently Asked Question

Have any questions about buying our services? We answer the most frequently asked questions you may have related to article writing.

A product description is an essential tool for selling your products on an online marketplace. Used properly, it can generate sales, encourage customers to buy more, and lead to repeated purchases. Product descriptions are concise, persuasive, and accurate descriptions of the product you are selling that compel your customers to make purchase decisions. In a highly competitive marketplace, where sellers are competing not only with one another but also with major online retailers and search engines, the key to a successful product listing is quality, brevity, and providing benefit to your potential buyers.

Product descriptions are a little different from other types of content creation. The product descriptions feature allows customers to see a product’s price, description, and reviews all in one place.

Here are the main elements of a great product description:

1. Be clear and concise: If you can’t explain your key features and benefits in 250 words, it’s not understandable.

2. Include keywords: Conduct in-depth keyword research on Amazon and make your product descriptions keyword-rich to improve their online presence.

3. Be engaging and persuasive: Your product descriptions should entice your potential customers to purchase your product.

4. Benefit the reader: Give the visitor a reason to buy your product by highlighting product features in a way that offers benefit and value.

Amazon copywriting is another term for writing persuasive product descriptions on Amazon. The descriptions are written to entice customers to buy your product with compelling, informative, yet persuasive copy. The secret to Amazon copywriting is knowing your audience and using the language they understand best. The best Amazon product description writer becomes an expert in the field, learning what consumers are looking for and using the right words to describe it. Copywriting for Amazon isn’t just about writing product descriptions. It’s about understanding how customers search for products, what they value most, and what they’re looking for when they find the products they want.

The cost of a product description writer may depend on how the writer charges. see pricing

If you outsource product description writing to an experienced writer, you will be able to create compelling copy that engages customers, convinces them to take action, and shows the search engines that your product is worth selling. Having this in mind, it’s important to understand your product’s worth and the potential sales it can possibly generate when it has an effective and engaging copy written by a professional copywriter.

Depending on the writer’s availability and urgency of your task, it takes about 2-4 days to write multiple product descriptions. It can take longer if there’s a strict deadline on the client’s end. The time taken on each project may also vary depending on the number of descriptions, complexity, planning, strategy, and research required. Lastly, the number of revisions from your side also determines the duration to complete the project.

Yes. We keep you updated about what’s going on with your project. You will be able to track the progress on our website and request changes if you’re not satisfied with what we’ve written.

Our ghostwriting service is a collaboration between the writers and our clients. We value your priorities, concerns, and instructions related to your project and provide both parties with an opportunity to exchange constructive feedback and receive your esteemed response.

Not a problem. You’re most welcome to contact us and send back your final draft if you’re not satisfied. We offer unlimited revisions for our valued clients to ensure they’re heard and dealt with carefully. Make sure you communicate your concerns in a timely manner and tell us what changes you want. Once we know we have acknowledged your needs, we’ll send you the revised draft. We stay with you throughout the writing process to ensure your satisfaction.