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300 - 9k words $0.10 per word
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25k - 99k words $0.08 per word 20% savings!
100k - 199k words $0.07 per word 30% savings!
Above 200k words $0.065 per word 35% savings!

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You can order more words to save costs. For example, orders over 10k words = $0.09 per word and orders over 25k words = $0.08 per word and orders over 100k words = $0.07 per word

We’ll send you an invoice after your order details are confirmed. Once the invoice is paid, we’ll get things started and confirm a delivery date.

We accept credit card payments, and international bank transfers.

We offer pay-as-you-go pricing. This means there are no contracts or commitments to cancel. Just pay for the content that you need.

We are a fully ghostwritten content writing service so we are unable to share work created for other customers.

We understand that minor edits and revisions are a part of the content creation process. We offer free revisions on every piece of content that is created on our platform.

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