Professionalism Meets

Spectacular Writing Skills

Do you have a great idea or story that you want to convert into a book? Are you a business owner looking for professional writers to write business books to market your brand? Do you need to get some articles or short stories written? Whether it’s a new book project, a blog article, or simply editing, we can do it for you. We have teams of experienced ghostwriters who are successful self-publishing authors themselves. Our editors have enjoyed bestseller lists and can unlock the same potential in our clients.

Professionalism Meets​
Spectacular Writing Skills

Hire a ghost writer and get started on your project quickly. The full project will be how you imagined, only better from the literary perspective. We won’t abandon your ideas unlike most writers in the business. We won’t ask for more money to revise your book in case you want something changed either. With us, you can feel free to share your whole book concept in the interview process, make changes in the book outline, and brainstorm on the subject matter with your dedicated ghost writer throughout the journey. Many writers are reluctant unless it is a fanfiction of their favorite series. But our ghostwriters are trained and always ready to deliver the best according to the client. Find the best ghostwriting experience in the business with us.

Hire a Professional Ghostwriter

A good ghostwriter will not ask to be your co-author, spend a great deal of time working on your project everyday, and can deliver a full-length book in a matter of weeks. But the perfect ghostwriter for you will do all that and save money while increasing the odds of high book sales at the same time. Get an experienced ghostwriter for your writing project with us.

Highly creative and imaginative fiction writers proficient in multiple facets of fiction including sci-fi, romance, young adult, crime, thrillers, horror, and more who create gripping plots, unique themes, lovable characters, and engrossing settings.

Highly intelligent and perceptive writers who create strongly cogent prose that flows so well it keeps the readers engaged until the end of the article, essay, account of an event, paper, report, travelogue, etc.

Empathetic writers who connect with you on such a deep level that they can capture your tone and employ advanced literary tactics to have such an amazing autobiography written you will be proud to share it with the world.

Extraordinarily clever use of words and writing techniques to turn the story of the subject’s life into the captivating story of a personality sent on this planet as an exemplary character to inspire people and make them move.

Smart use of literary storytelling techniques to make a true account turn into a phenomenally enthralling experience that is hard to put down until the last page is turned whether it’s a personal, political, or spiritual journey.

Fun and entertaining juvenile literature to make your young readers fall in love with the book and its characters while instilling in them the good habit of reading and learning through pictures, rhymes, bedtime stories, early lessons, interactive games, etc.

Articles of all kinds from blog articles and listicles to research articles and essays, backed by comprehensive research, and relayed with immaculate grammar and articulation to share information that solves problems and convinces readers.

Books and ebooks written by well-informed, learned, and savvy writers about business, finance, economics, technology, innovation, marketing, and leadership to serve as reader magnets or marketing content or to spread brand awareness the proper way.


Turn your emotions into a song of your favorite genre written by one of our artistic songwriters who compose melodious and rhythmic lyrics that make the audience move with their clever lyricism, complete understanding of the music theory, and sublime creativity.

Let a Professional Ghostwriter Handle It for You.

This may be your first project but it could very well be a walk in the park for an experienced writer who has already written dozens of such pieces before. We will undertake your project and work on it as our own. With us, you will find that the deliveries are made timely, the milestones are met, quality is assured, feedback is always incorporated, and satisfaction is a hundred percent guaranteed!

Let A Professional Ghostwriter Handle It For You
Let A Professional Ghostwriter Handle It For You
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Hire a Ghostwriter Today!

Our team of ghost writers and editorial staff undergo a rigorous hiring process to ensure we deliver par excellence.

Have any questions for us? Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below. Feel free to contact us for any other queries.

The cost of hiring a ghost writer primarily depends upon the total number of words to be written and the level of skill of the ghostwriter. A ghostwriter can be hired for less than $10,000 for a short book and around $20,000 for a fiction story that spans multiple volumes. But a skilled ghostwriter will take more than $20,000 even for a short story. The pricing depends upon the number of words they write in a day and their price per word. Since a professional writer produces a large number of words daily, they can earn more and cost the author much less. Contact us for a quote.

Ghostwriting is a hundred percent legal. Just like you can hire a contractor to build a house that you can sell afterwards, you can hire ghostwriters to write books for you that you can sell under your name. Although the writer is the one writing the story, the ideas belong to the author. The person who owns the idea, owns the project. That’s why hiring a ghostwriter is legal and a lot of famous authors do it to save time for their speaking engagements, interviews, and other affairs.
You can find most ghostwriters for hire on freelancers or other writing platforms online. These platforms allow any person to register and hire a writer for themselves easily. But if you’re looking to hire an experienced writer, consider hiring a ghostwriting agency like ours. When a ghostwriter’s name is attached to an agency, your book is less likely to be mishandled.
Ghostwriters usually get paid by the number of words they write. To calculate the price tag of a ghostwritten book, find out the total number of words and divide it by $1.00 per word for an average ghostwriter. In other cases, the ghostwriter is paid by the number of hours they work. And unless they’re ghostwriting processes are developed so smooth that they can write faster than the average, they will cost more or less the same whether they charge by the hour or each word.
You can find plenty of ghostwriters on freelancer and other writing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Reedsy, etc. But the right ghostwriter is not easy to find. That is why it is always advised to hire a ghostwriter from a ghostwriting agency for maximum surety of quality work and the best bang for the buck.
Just like you can hire someone to fix the car that you will own, drive and sell, you can hire a ghostwriter to write your book. If it’s your first book, it is normal to ask questions like these, but someone who has been publishing books with the aid of ghostwriters will know how alright, easy and simple it is. All you need is a way to communicate with the ghost writer, like voice calls or text, a payment method, and a way to send research material and receive the first draft. The writer will write your book and even help you self-publish it in some cases.