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Get your sweet memoir written by our writers who know what it takes to create a story that will be cherished by your family members and readers you’ve never met, alike.

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Our Memoir Writing Services

What could be more moving than a story about a person’s life, that takes the readers on a rollercoaster full of emotions and gives them a chance to relive the author’s beautiful memories? Memoir writing is rightly known as legacy writing because it lets you pass on your legacy to others in the form of profound life experiences. It also builds an emotional connection between you and the reader.

It can be tough to select the right service to write a book about your loved ones and even yourself because the story is very personal to you. Our skilled memoir and biography writers have the patience and expertise to address all your needs.

Get Your Life Story Written By Our Memoir Ghostwriters

Everyone has a life story they want to pass across. Cherishing moments with friends, embarrassing events from childhood, a romantic date, success in your career, or whatever aspects from your whole life that you want to give words to. These stages make us learn and instill in us the empathy and happiness we like to see in the world.

Our memoir ghostwriters are curious and genuinely interested in knowing you and listening to your stories. They come from various backgrounds with diverse skills and expertise and collaborate with you efficiently. Whether you want to cover your family history or any event in your memoir, we’ll listen to you and stay with you every step of the way.

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How It Works

To ensure that your goals and needs are met, we set you up with a memoir ghostwriter and editor who understands your project’s details. Our book writing process consists of these simple steps:


Place an order

Provide us with your book details like the desired life events you want to cover, your preferred writing style, and book goals


Select a writer

You'll be at freedom to choose whoever you want to work with. We'll set you up with a suitable writer from our team who has the right expertise according to your needs


Track the progress

We will keep you updated about your memoir's progress at all times and welcome your valuable suggestions to make desired changes


Receive your book

Once your memoir is fully written and designed, you will receive the final draft for review

Let Us Create A Memoir For You That Stays Immortal!

Let Us Create A Memoir For You That Stays Immortal!

A good ghostwriter knows how to craft raw ideas and concepts into stories that enthrall readers. Our writers are experts in this field and have a proven track record of writing memoirs and books. They’re skilled at what they do and have the top-notch writing skills you’re looking for.

Our writers are both passionate and reliable to provide services that will do justice to your desired body of work. Come join hands with us and give your readers a story so hooking that will keep them on the edge till the very end!

Why You'll Love Our Services

Get Your Life Story Written By Our Memoir Ghostwriters

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We make sure to get the best memoir writers on board to ensure our clients receive excellent services and build a worthy relationship with us! Join hands with an expert memoir writer today!

Your Success Is Our Top Priority

We understand your memoirs are personal to you and you want an experienced memoir ghostwriter who listens to you, addresses your concerns, and doesn’t abandon you midway. We select the best memoir ghostwriters for our customers.

What you can expect from us:

Your Success Is Our Top Priority
Your Success Is Our Top Priority

Frequently Asked Question

Got any questions about buying our services? We answer the most frequently asked questions you may have related to life story writing and memoir writing.

Yes! You can hire a life story writer such as a professional biography writer, a memoir writer, or someone with extensive writing experience in all these areas who will serve you the best. A memoir writer works closely with you and your family. They offer a collaborative ghostwriting service and carefully address your concerns about your life stories and events and give you exactly what you desire.

The cost of your memoir is determined by its length, total word count, time taken to conduct the interviews, travel expenses, and how urgently you want to have it.

If you want to know how much your desired memoir writer and editor may charge you, you can fill in the form above and get a free quote.

A memoir is a subjective account of the author’s significant life events that build an emotional connection with the readers and make them reflect on life.

A biography is an objective account of someone’s life, that unravels the events in a chronological pattern. It is more extensive than a memoir and involves a person’s life story from a third-person perspective.

Lastly, an autobiography involves an extensive coverage of all aspects of the author’s life from a subjective point of view. It is mostly written towards the end of life and covers the events that shape the author’s world.

It’s natural for people to get nervous or feel reserved about sharing their life stories with a writer they’ve just met, and this is the reason we conduct personal interviews and meetings with them. We make sure that you and the other interviews feel comfortable sharing your important details with us.

Memoir ghostwriting requires back and forth collaboration between writers and clients. Our memoir writer welcomes feedback and suggestions from you to ensure that you’re fully satisfied.

Ghostwriting services are 100% legal and ethical. Ghostwriters are hired by aspiring authors, writers, or anyone who wants help or doesn’t have the time to write the book. They sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with their clients and give them all the credit and copyrights once they send in the final projects.

It depends on the genre, word count, chapters, and unfolding of events in the book that determine the duration of ghostwriting process. It also depends on the desired number of revisions by customers. Usually, it takes anywhere between 3 months to a whole year to ghostwrite a book. However, you can tell us your deadline and we’ll make sure to accommodate you.

No. Ghostwriters usually do not get paid royalties. They are contracted on a work-for-hire basis and receive payments from their clients as the work progresses.

However, they can accept royalties if they’re also co-authors of the books, or if the ghostwriting client they write for generates high sales from the projects.

An unprofessional ghostwriter may share the details of your project to attract new clients and breach your rights in the process. We take pride in saying that all the information and manuscripts that you provide us remain strictly confidential.

We follow professional writing and publishing standards and ensure that the excerpts from your book aren’t used elsewhere without your knowledge.

We stay with our customers and seek their feedback every step of the way. If you don’t like something we’ve written, you can send back your book draft and request the changes you want. We keep you updated about everything we write and offer as many revisions until you’re satisfied.