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Welcome to this humble abode where us litterateurs reside to make a living doing what we love the most: writing. If you’re looking for professional writers for hire, then take a seat. You are where you’re supposed to be.

We offer content writing services for people who either lack the time or the skill required to write a book, college report, homework assignment, corporate document, web copy, blog post, article, anything and everything. We have a team of experts for every niche of writing.

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Other than the proficiency of our native English speaking writers, we have the best mix of service quality in this price range.
Why Choose Us?


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An utterly sweet satisfaction lies in the marriage between a beautiful concept and the perfect words to deliver it. Professional writers for hire live for that gratifying sensation gained after eloquently articulating a string of words that leave the readers in a feeling of awe. Excellence is attained when you love what you do. And we do what we love.

Let A Professional Ghostwriter Handle It For You
Let A Professional Ghostwriter Handle It For You

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Do you think you have a creative spark in you? Do you have a flair for writing? Do you relish the sensation of having written a powerful piece of prose? If yes, then apply away.

Have any questions for us? Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below. Feel free to contact us for any other queries.

You can search for professional writers on platforms like Contently, ProBlogger Job Board, Reedsy, The Writer Finder, etc. A quick search on the internet will yield several other options to choose from, but whether the writers you find there are professional or not is a debate. In any case, the writers you find on writer-specific platforms are more likely to be professional than the ones you find on freelancer websites. If you’re tired of the hassles of freelancers and are looking for a more professional experience, talk to us.
A professional writer can write anywhere between 500 to 2,000 words a day depending upon the nature of task and their grip on the subject matter. Various activities are involved in writing that do not translate into word count. For example, some of the best writers are also great researchers. It might take a writer 2 hours of research to write a single sentence, but the same writer might be able to write 1,000 words on a different subject.
The choice of word processor is a question of preference. Most of the writers use Microsoft Word because they are used to it. A major portion of the writers prefer Google Docs for its cloud functionality, so they can stay on the same page no matter which device they use without having to share files every time. Some writers who do not want a clutter of formatting options on their screens while they’re writing choose newer applications like Scrivener, Squibler, Ulysses, etc. Overall, Microsoft Word is still the most-used word processor for professional writers.
Other than the word processor, professional writers use popular web for research, blocker apps to keep them from getting distracted by social media notifications and emails, and a basic media player to set the mood and dive into their writing zone. Professional writers who are tied to a ghostwriting agency often have access to cutting-edge firm software that is custom developed for the firm.
This is a difficult question to answer because the speed of a writer depends heavily upon the nature of work. Vaguely, a professional writer writes around 2,000 words in a day.
Writing is a skilled craft, and like any skilled craft, the higher you increase the competency, the higher the craftsperson will charge. As the writer gains more experience and expertise in their trade, they start getting paid better. That is why professional writers are relatively expensive. But when you consider the amount of time, energy, and skill that goes in their work, they tend to seem less expensive.