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It’s always fun when it’s humorous! You know people love hilarious content because it’s light and fun to read, right? Don’t worry if your sense of humor sucks, we’ve got your back! We’re fully loaded with writers who will put together your jokes.

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Our Comedy Writing Services

Writing comedy scripts, TV shows, videos, vlogs, or online content can be tricky especially when you think you’re not funny enough, even though you’ve come up with great jokes and ideas in your head. You want to make people laugh and make your stand-up comedy a successful event. Or maybe you want to add humor to your boring scripts and presentations so that your audience thinks that you’re cool.

To make sure you don’t end up making lame jokes and bore the viewers and audience, we’ve got some best comedy writers for hire, who will instead listen to your lame jokes and make them funny. So who’s gonna get the credit for it? Kidding, big time!

From Stand Up Comedy To Video Scripts, We Add Humor In Everything!

Humor writing is an art in itself, that makes comic delivery instantly easy and better. People like to read or listen to funny jokes because it lightens them up and connects them with the one writing and delivering them. Our comedy writers know how and when to add to the creativity of the story.

If you have comedy movie scripts, video scripts, or speeches on hold because you think the content isn’t good enough to deliver, our writers will add the humor and make it sound way better. We’ll also add engaging punch lines and one-liners that’ll hook your audience. There’s more! Our writers can also work on your best man speech and make it attention-grabbing. Team up with a comedy writer today.

From Stand Up Comedy To Video Scripts, We Add Humor In Everything!

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How It Works

To ensure that your goals and needs are met, we set you up with a comedy writer and editor who understands your project’s details. Our writing process consists of these simple steps:

Place an order

Send us your comedy manuscript and share with us details like target audience, project goals, your preferred writing style, and the approach you follow


Select a ghostwriter

You can browse through our list of comedy writers and select who you want to work with based on your subject, preferred experience, goals, and needs.


Track the progress

You'll be able to track the progress of your manuscript at all times and give your valuable suggestions and feedback to make desired changes


Receive your book

Once you make the payment after your manuscript is written and formatted, we'll send you the final draft for review

Our Award-Winning Comedy Writers Will Serve You Right

Our Award-Winning Comedy Writers Will Serve You Right

From writing a hook or opening that grabs the audience’s attention, to maintaining the spark of jokes in comedy plays, scripts, speeches, and videos, our comedy writers know it all! We have a talented team of comedy ghostwriters on board with immense creativity, expertise, and experience in serving the best comedy scripts.

Our expert and award-winning comedy writers have a knack for weaving the elements of storytelling and create jokes that are based on truth instead of other-worldly stuff your audience won’t relate to. We treat your projects as our own and stay on the same page as you.

Our comedy writers are experienced in writing the following:

What Makes Our Comedy Writing Services Special

What Makes Our Comedy Writing Services Special

Hire A Professional Comedy Writer Today!

Our comedy writers and editors are selected through a rigorous hiring process to ensure our clients
receive the best services. Hire a comedy ghostwriter today!

Your Success Is Our Top Priority

We understand you may not have the technical skills or time to write a book. Our top writers will invest their time patiently to listen to you, get to know you first, and understand your goals to create an engaging and compelling story.

What you can expect from us:

Let A Professional Ghostwriter Handle It For You
Let A Professional Ghostwriter Handle It For You

Frequently Asked Question

Have any questions? We answer the most frequently asked questions you may have related to comedy writing. For more questions, you can contact us directly via email.

Hiring a ghostwriter has never been this easy. So many leading and emerging online platforms offer top-quality ghostwriters who are ready to serve people in need. You just have to search for a writer or service that’s reliable, trustworthy, and listens to you.

Our leading ghostwriting services are highly valued and appraised by our clients. We offer the best comedy writers out there who have grabbed awards because of their expertise. We believe in providing our clients with effective service and communication and keep them involved in the process. We fulfill our promise to serve our customers with the best.

Comedy scriptwriters charge according to the length of the script which is determined by how long the supposed movie, play, or video is. For a full-length standard script, comedy ghostwriters charge $2500-$3000.

In the case of short plays, shows, and videos, the cost is based on their respective durations. Video scriptwriters charge $200-$300 per scripted minute of the script. Whereas the charges TV show scripts vary and are based on the running time and episodes.

The time taken depends on the type of project you want to get written. To write a comedy script for a movie, the total time for the script is determined by the running time of that particular movie; a full-length movie script needs 10-12 weeks to be submitted.

Video scripts take a maximum of 1-2 days for 3-4 minute videos, which means shorter videos will take less time and longer more.

Lastly, your comedy TV shows, stand-up comedy, and presentations will take up to a few months at max to get done with. Make sure you select an experienced and reliable comedy ghostwriter who respects your deadline and submits a satisfactory end product.

Comedy writing is arguably important because it helps to draw attention to your content, gain you respect by building an emotional and trustworthy connection with the audience, and increase your chances to earn financial rewards.

If you think your social media content is boring and monotonous and pushes away the viewers instead of leading them to sign up for your newsletter, you may benefit by adding some elements of humor writing. Since humor has the power to connect you with a large number of people, assimilating it into your blogs, articles, web content, and other posts effectively will help promote your voice and brand. Just make sure you don’t use inappropriate jokes because relatable content is optimal to achieve your desired reach.

Absolutely. We’ll keep you updated about what’s going on with your project or script. You will be able to track the progress of your manuscript on our website and request changes in case you’re not satisfied with what we’ve written.

Our ghostwriting service is a collaboration between the writers and our clients. We value your priorities, concerns, and instructions related to your project and provide both parties an opportunity to exchange constructive feedback and receive your esteemed response.

An unprofessional comedy ghostwriter may share the details of your project to attract new clients and breach your rights in the process. We take pride in saying that all the information and manuscripts that you provide us remain strictly confidential.

We follow professional writing and publishing standards and ensure that the excerpts from your project aren’t used elsewhere without your knowledge.