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Do you want to promote your brand voice with an impressive eBook that is also authoritative? Or do you want an ebook writer to create an ebook for you that sells on an online publishing platform? Team up with our qualified eBook writers and let them create engaging content for your audience.

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    Ebooks are valuable tools that help several businesses with lead generation and help industry experts build authority and grab their readers’ attention with simple yet powerful content. We provide a reliable ebook writing service to help you with all your needs.

    Find eBook Writers Who Amplify Your Brand Voice

    There are so many industry experts out there who want to share enormous knowledge they have about their fields. Or they simply want to generate high-quality content in the form of eBooks to capture leads and draw traffic to their websites. Connect with our eBook writers who have the expertise to help you build eBooks that generate sales.

    Our eBook writers know how to structure your eBook

    Our writers know how to structure eBook content into short paragraphs, bullet points, infographics, and images, that will catch readers’ attention and help you establish as an authority to promote your company’s voice.

    Find eBook Writers Who Amplify Your Brand Voice

    Let's talk

      How It Works

      Our book writing process is simple. It includes the following steps:


      Place an order

      To get started, provide us with details like your eBook topic or even an idea, business goals, project details, and your target readers


      Select a writer

      Skim through our team of skilled eBook writers and select who you want to work with based on their experience, expertise, or topic


      Track the progress

      You'll be able to track your eBook progress and stay in contact with our writers and editors to both give and receive valuable feedback. Your eBook will be written exactly the way you want


      Receive a paper

      After proper formatting and designing, your final eBook copy will be sent to you for review and feedback

      What Makes Our eBook Writers Stand Out

      What Makes Our eBook Writers Stand Out

      You don’t just need someone who has the writing skills. There is much more to writing an eBook. At HPW, our panel of expert writers keeps your specific business goals in mind and helps marketers with lead generation. We help our customers build authority, create powerful content for their target audience to improve sales, and produce well-structured and high-quality eBooks written with proper formatting. You can rest assured your project will be in the right hands.

      Why You'll Love Our eBook Writers?

      Why You'll Love Our eBook Writers?

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      Our team of professional writers will help craft different yet impressive content types to fulfill
      the needs of our clients coming from various backgrounds.

      Your Brand Success Is Our Top Priority

      Hire freelancers, ghostwriters, and ebook writers at HPW to get on-demand professional writing services. Whether you desire to get your story published on an online marketplace or looking for a writer to promote your brand voice, our talented network of writers and designers will help you craft impressive ebooks. What you’ll get from us:
      Let A Professional Ghostwriter Handle It For You
      Let A Professional Ghostwriter Handle It For You

      Have any questions about buying our services? We answer the most frequently asked questions you may have related to ebook writing and ghostwriting.

      Absolutely. You can hire eBook writers to help you transform your ideas into words for your desired story, or help build a voice for your company. We understand that you may not have the time or skills required to create an eBook that also helps you develop an authority in your field.

      At HPW, we allow you the freedom to choose writers based on the expertise and service you want. You’ll be able to talk to our writers and provide your valuable suggestions so that we can build trust and efficient communication with you.

      Our sample eBooks are available for free download so that you know what to expect from our writing, editing, and proofreading service before signing with us!

      Yes! If you think you have an array of ideas that need to be written but you don’t have the right words to create an ebook that sells, you’ve come to the right platform! Our eBooks are well-crafted and structured that will grab your audience’s attention. Once you make the payment for your eBook, all the copyrights will be transferred to you and you’ll be free to publish them on any digital publishing platform.
      The process is quite easy and convenient: Select a writer and editor according to their industry expertise. Share your desired topic, discuss your goals, provide enough data, and exchange feedback and suggestions so the writer knows how to successfully incorporate content in your book. An experienced person will make sure to generate content with proper research that matches your goals and needs and will provide your eBook at the right time.
      There are various platforms on the internet that have growing demand for new, passionate writers and promise increased chances of publication. To help publish their stories, we welcome budding writers and authors to our site to give them a chance to prove themselves and be a valuable addition to our talented network of writers.
      It depends on the writer’s experience level. A top eBook writer may charge on a per word or per hour basis, and it can be anywhere between $30-$70 an hour or starts from $ per word.
      The length of your eBook will be determined based on how much information needs to be covered or addressed to thoroughly convey your point. The minimum word count is usually 5000 words.

      Yes. Our team is equipped with skilled designers who have an eye for detail. We fill your eBooks with attention-grabbing visuals, attractive illustrations, and infographics that are color-coded according to your brand’s or story’s theme. We also ensure that your book cover is in sync with the message inside and that the layout is easy to navigate for your readers.

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      Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the Semantics, a large language ocean. A small river named Duden flows by